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Welcome to our corporate page. On this page you can find information about careerpaths, a bit about our virtual airline and our future plans.

How and why this virtual airline?

To describe this story best, it might be handy to tell a little bit about my personal career. My name is Sven Duijff. I am the founder of this virtual airline and I live very close to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (EHAM). When growing up, I always wanted to work in aviation, but not as a pilot because I did not want to work in aviation my whole life. When I turned 18 years old, I decided to apply for a job as a flight attendant at Transavia. I got hired and started my career within one of the biggest low-budget airlines in Europe. Due to seasonal contracts, I had some other jobs in between flight seasons, and after a few years, I moved on and went to work for a travel agency. In 2018, I started working for KLM (Cityhopper) and worked there for nearly 4 years with a lot of joy and pleasure.

Now, why this virtual airline? As you’ve read so far, I have worked for two Dutch airlines. What I missed in the online sim community so far was a Dutch virtual airline that had a professional website, looked sharp, was well-maintained and up-to-date. I ran a Transavia virtual airline in the past, which was very successful. Due to my job occupation back in the days, I did not proceed with this. Now I decided to create this group of airlines containing our Dutch airlines. This way, you can not only fly one Dutch airline but six at the same time. EasyJet is not a Dutch airline but has a Dutch division with several Dutch-registered aircraft.

Career Path

Jr. First Officer
50+ hours
First Officer
125+ hours
500+ hours
Sr. Captain

Type ratings

You can apply for several type ratings. In order to apply for a type rating you can simply e-mail us at In order to get the typerating you need to meet a few criteria:
  • At least 50 hours logged on the type you’re applying for;
  • Fly the aircraft using a study-level add-on (such as PMDG, Fenix, etc.);
  • Normal landing rates (below 500 ft/min on average).


For now, the main focus is on further developing the website, systems, and documentation. We do have the ambition to grow and become a stable part of the Flight Simulation community. Both on- and offline.


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