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We are aware of you trusting us to protect your information. We therefor see it as our priority to make sure your information is kept safe. On this page we explain the data we store on our server when you’re using our website, why we do this and how we use it to improve the overall user experience. That way you know how we work.

This policy applies to all services related to the Dutch Airline Group VA. U need to be aware of the fact that we are not responsible for the policy of third parties and sources. By using our website you agree to comply with our privacy policy.

The Dutch Airline Group VA respects the privacy of all our users and works their best to make sure that your data is handles safely and confidentially.

Our use of the collected data

Usage of our services

When u apply to be a part of this virtual airline we ask you to share some basic personal details. These are needed in order to provide our service to you. The data is stored on the servers of Duijff Media. Sven Duijff (the CEO and founder of this website) is the owner of this company. He can therefor assure the data is stored in a safe matter. We will not combine your data with other personal data we may have pocession of.


When u send us an e-mail of other message (throug a form for instance), it may be possible we store and save these e-mails for a while. Sometimes we ask you for personal details that we need in order to process your request.


We collect data for research purposes to get a better insight in our members. This is only done to improve the user experience for our website. We can see where members get stuck or might have trouble finding items.

This website uses “cookies” (textfiles that are stored on your PC, so not on our end) to help the website analyse how you use it. It stores some of your preferences. Those preferences can be shared to our server in order to make sure we keep your experience up-to-date. We would never share or sell this data to third party companies.


We would not collect data for any other purpose then mentioned in this policy, unless when asked specific permission.

Third parties

Our data is not shared with third parties. In some ocassions information might be shared internally. Our staffmembers are however obligated to treat your data with integrity and care.


This privacy policy is tuned to the usage and possibilities for this website. Addaptions and/or changes made to this site may lead to changes in this policy. It is therefor advised to read this page frequently.

Options for personal data

We offer all our users the possibility to see, adjust or delete all personal data that is given to as at that time.

Change your newsletter preferences

In the footer of each e-mail sent there is an opt-out option to cancel your subscription to our e-mail service at any time.

Disable cookies

Most webbrowsers are setup to accept cookies by default. You can however always reset your settings to remove and or refuse all cookies. It is however possible that our website will not function properly without these cookies. We can not change this as modern internet is counting on cookies to be used for vital functions.

Questions and feedback

We perform audits on our own policy frequently to see wether we are still in compliance with our own policies. Should you have any questions, feel free to contact us at


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