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How to install ACARS?


Support for

– Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 (SimConnect)
– X-Plane (ACARS plugin)
– FSX/Prepar3D (FSUIPC)
– Automatically create and file flights
– Search flights and retrieve bids
– Flights rules, like lights being enabled, gear up/down, etc
– Light footprint, low CPU and memory usage


– Windows operating system (not working with macOS)
– Microsoft Flight Simulator, X-Plane, FSX or Prepar3D
– .NET 6.0 Runtime (avaible here)
– 50 MB storage


  1. Go to our Crew Centre.
  2. Click on ‘Downloads’ in the top menu.
  3. Download the ‘ACARS client’.
  4. Save to a location where you can find it easily.


Very easy! After downloading the zip, just extract the client into a folder (e.g, on your desktop into a folder called ACARS). Then you can create a desktop shortcut from the acars.exe for easier access.

Additional installation & troubleshooting

For additional information we kindly refer you to the provider of our ACARS system.


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